What are the symptoms of malware infection?

Even if you use the best of anti-malware, you may come across the darkest time of your browsing journey… the day your system gets infected by malware.

We have assembled a series of events that are most probable signs of malware infection in your system.

Programs opening and shutting down automatically

Malware is very likely to have infected your computer if programs start to open and shut down by themselves. If that is the case, the first step consist to run an antivirus and hardware check before jumping to the conclusion that your PC is infected by a virus.

Your system is sending spam

If your friends are complaining that you are sending suspicious links via emails and social media, you might be a victim of the malware. Such event is likely to be the result of a malware program installed in your system instructing your system to take specific actions like this one.

BSOD (blue screen of death)

If your computer crashes too often, it is a sign of technical failure caused by malware infection.

Slow computer

A slow running computer is the most common sign of malware infection in your computer. If your operating system and software are taking much time than usual to start up and your network bandwidth is suspiciously low, then you probably have an infected system.

You keep getting annoying pop-ups

Pop-ups originate from tapping on suspicious pages, addressing survey inquiries to get to a site’s administration or introducing free applications. Try not to tap on advertisements that seems to good to be true. When you get pop-ups showing up out of nowhere, abstain from clicking anyplace on the pop-up page and simply close the window and utilize your anti-malware tool right away.

You’re using antivirus, and it gets disable by itself

Did you know that some malware are so sneaky that they manage to disable your protection software like an antivirus?

If the above said the scenario is happening to you, then you should try to fix this issue by contacting a support agent working for your antivirus.

There are unfamiliar new icons on my desktop that you don’t recognize

In the event that you’ve seen obscure and new icons on your PC, you in all likelihood downloaded sneaky programs called PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). They are malicious files that can do a great deal of harm and open you to information spillage, showing irritating promotions or pop-ups on the screen…

You are not able to access your PC control panel

In case you are facing an issue and control panel is unresponsive and not opening, it means a malware infection has caused a technical problem in your system, and thus it is not functioning properly.

Excessive CPU and memory usage

If you see an excessive amount of CPU and memory in usage even when your system is idle, it is a potential sign that your system is malware infected.

Blacklisting of your IP address

If you are notified that your IP address has been involved in suspicious activities and so it is blacklisted consider this as a sure sign that your computer is infected by malware. This sign identifies that your PC has been compromised and involved with a spam-sending botnet.

You can make sure whether or not your system is infected by malware and viruses by conducting a full fledge scan using your antivirus or any authentic anti-malware software.

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