Two-factor authentication and why to use it

You probably won’t realize it, yet you consistently use two-factor authentication. When you swiped the debit card and asked to enter your secret PIN code and are asked to show your driver’s permit? These are types of two-factor authentication. The first example expects you to have your card and remember your PIN code. The second expects you to have your checkbook and validate your face against the picture on your ID. 

2FA requires two different ways of proving your identity and can likewise be utilized to secure your online information. It doesn’t offer flawless security and requires an additional progression when signing into your records, yet it makes your information increasingly secure on the web.

How two-factor authentication works

Two-factor authentication (2FA) – also called two-step check or multifaceted authentication – is broadly utilized to put on a layer of security to your online data. The most popular type of two factor authentication is when you log into an account, and you enter your valid password after that you receive a text message on your phone with a verification code that you later enter into account form to get access to your account. The second layer in two-factor authentication implies that a hacker or intruder would need to breach your secret password alongside your telephone to access your account. 

There are three sorts of authentications: 

  • Something you must know: a secret word, PIN, postal code or answer to an inquiry (mother’s maiden name, name of the pet, etc.)
  • Something you have: a mobile phone, credit card 
  • Something you are: a biometric (fingerprint), a unique mark, retina, face or voice

What’s the second factor?

Second factor of authentication comes into place after the first step, which is entering your password. Second factor of authentication usually arrives in the form of verification code on your contact number, and you need to enter the code after the password.

There is an alternative which is using an app to receive all your verification codes. The popular apps for authentication process are Google authenticator DuoMobile and Authy.

Will 2FA makes your account more secure?

Yes, however no security product claim to provide perfect and to be 100% bulletproof. Yet, by using above the three methods described above, you would make it harder for intruders to penetrate your account, which in turn will make you a less attractive target.

Merely implementing, 2FA prevents a significant portion of intruders from attacking your account.

How to enable 2FA on the most visited platforms ?


Sign in to your accountgo to accounts & lists at the top right go to your account>Login and security click edit advanced security settings> click yellow.


Settings > Security click Edit to the right of Login Approvals. Next, click Enable next to where it says that Two-Factor Authentication is currently disabled.


Navigate to your profile page and click the gear button open the option at the top right. Tap two-factor authentication and then click to toggle security code.


From the Twitter app, click profile icon and then gear icon navigate to settings then, Account > Security and toggle on Login verification. You’ll get codes via SMS.


Log in to your account> tap gear icon in the top right to enter Settings. Click Security> Update next to Security Key. Enter your phone number and then the verification code send by PayPal.

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